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Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarm Systems are designed to activate when an intruder enters a property. The system generally comprises a control unit, keypad, warning device (siren) and detection devices.

Their use as a security device is useful on two levels; firstly they are a visible deterrent to the opportunist thief who wants to break in and make a quick escape. Secondly if the intruder does enter the property an external and internal siren sounds and draws attention to the fact.

Alarms that repeatedly and mistakenly activate lose their value as a security device, so we use equipment that has proved itself to be reliable and stable over the years.

Access Control

Access control is the practice of restricting entry to a building or area to authorized people only. This provides additional security for people, property and assets. Access control systems can be either mechanical or electrical but the principle is the same in both cases: A device is fitted to a door (or other barrier) which is kept locked by a latch, bolt, electric release or electro-magnet. The door can then be opened by the use of a code, fob or button (controlled by a third party).

The prevailing features of such a system should be that the system is effective, stable and easy to use. We welcome enquiries from customers who need advice on what type of system would best suit their needs.

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